Dive Deep into Adventure: 

Transform Your Freediving and Spearfishing Skills in Western Australia's Untamed Waters

Why choose our charters?

Comprehensive Freediving Education:

Start with Pure Apnea Level 1 and advance through our Level 2 or even level 3 Freediver course, achieving depths greater than 40m.

Expert-Led Workshops:

Enhance your breathing and equalisation techniques through targeted workshops and dive sessions, designed to improve efficiency and depth capabilities.


Participate in hands-on spearfishing sessions covering equipment choices, speargun variations, fish identification, hunting techniques, and sustainable practices.

Personal Growth and Adventure:

Experience the thrill of exploring the underwater world at Abrolhos Island, Scott Reef and the Rowley Shoals, while expanding your freediving and spearfishing skills.

A Community of Like-Minded Divers:

Join a group of passionate freedivers and spearfishers, creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

What do previous customers have to say?

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Ryan Chapman

Google Review


"Went on the Abrolhos charter. If your thinking about it, just do it had an unreal time. Andy, Geoff, and the team are amazing. Great way to learn and then put in to practice your training all in an epic 4 day adventure. I'll be looking to do more charters with Onpoint. Thanks Andy."


Jason Juraszek

Google Review


"Awesome experience!! I spent three nights on the charter out at the Abrolhos Islands, and in that time I learned a lot about free diving, breath holding and spearfishing. We swam with sharks, seals and turtles, and of course we caught some fish. The experience was something I will never forget. The instructors, Andy and Geoff were amazing and I learned a lot, diving deeper and for longer than I thought possible. Would highly recommend. My advice would be to do Level 1 with them before going on the charter, just to maximize the time out on the island."

James Gillies.jpg__PID:c5111b80-1a15-4fd4-a73a-172e6dcddf0a

James Gillies

Google Review


Amazing experience. The best freediving charter I have been on. Flawless trip with an awesome and knowledgeable team. I will definitely book again asap. Glad I picked the right company. Thanks Andy!

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