About Us

Onpoint Spearfishing and Freediving is one of the most recognised schools in Western Australia providing professionally run charters, courses and workshops in some of the best locations.  Whether you are a beginner, wish to improve your skills or just enjoy our adventure charters, we can help you.

We are fortunate to have such incredible and diverse marine life and coastline stretching a long the WA coast. Onpoint Spearfishing and Freediving are here to help you explore the unknown. Offering certified freedive courses, spearfishing and breathing workshops and now charters.

We strive to offer a unique and fun experience. We will expand your knowledge, enhance your abilities and waterman ship skills in the safest most effective and enjoyable way possible.

We are proudly supported by Spear West, who offer the best spearfishing and freediving equipment. You will be purchasing from accredited and certified freedivers and spearfishing experts who use this equipment daily.

"I signed up for the level 1 freediving course just to look at increasing my breathhold abilities underwater. I never knew my own body would be capable of achieving such great things! Andy from Onpoint is a wonderful instructor, with an amazing ability to keep you calm, and project this upon the students despite anything that might be going through their head. I would 100% recommend Onpoint to anyone considering freediving"  Timothy Krisko