Rowley Shoals

Rowley Shoals

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Join us on an 6 night, 7 day liveaboard to Rowley Shoals with one of WA’s most respected charters, Seaestar. We will be basing ourselves on Two Sea’s a 80ft legend boat builders expedition vessel. We will progress through your Pure Apnea Level 1 freediver, Level 2 advance freediver courses reaching depths upwards of 30m, multiple workshops and of course multiple guided spearfishing sessions chasing the elusive Dogtooth tune, Marlin, Sailfish, Emperor, MSP, Midnight Snapper and plenty of others. 

This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to become proficient freedivers. You will learn to become more energy efficient, deal with greater pressures, advance your equalisation techniques and learn to organise training sessions. Over the course of the charter we will increase your depth, breath holds and your understanding of freediving physiology.

What will I gain from the Liveaboard experience? 
- Level 1 Freediver Course 
- Level 2 Advance Freediver Course
- Optional Level 3 Master Freediver Course
- Breathing Workshop
- Equalisation Workshop 
- Multiple spearfishing workshops and dives:-    
 - Freediving equipment     
- Variation in spearguns    
- What equipment is suited to you      
- Fish identification     
- Hunting techniques      
- Where to find certain species      
- Rules and bag limits

Already completed your level 1 course? 
Then let's make use of the time and location. Let's get deeper! Increase your depth and bottom times for general training in preparation for a level 2 course. Work on your CWT, FIM, CNF or some fun VWT.
More spearfishing time!

We have 4 tenders from 3.5m to 9m to access the most remotest spots. 

Charter Date:
October 10th -16th

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