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Yoga and Breath Work

Enhance your freediving skills and overall well-being with our specialised Yoga and Breath Work sessions led by expert instructor, Miranda. These classes are designed to improve your breath control, flexibility, strength, and mental focus, all essential components for effective and enjoyable freediving.

Why Join Miranda’s Classes?
- Breath Control: Increase your lung capacity and control, crucial for extending dives.
- Flexibility and Strength: Improve your mobility, strength and flexibility for efficient underwater movement and increased total lung capacity.
Mental Focus: Cultivate a calm and focused mind, enhancing your diving performance.

Class Details:
Instructor: Miranda, Certified Yoga Instructor
- Location: In-Person at Onpoint Facility
- Duration: 1 Hour per Session
- Schedule: Weekly Classes (check schedule for details)
- Price: $30 per Session / $125 for 5 Sessions (Save $25)

What You’ll Gain:
- Enhanced freediving and spearfishing abilities
- Improved overall physical and mental well-being
- A supportive community of like-minded individuals

Join Us Today!
Dive deeper into your potential with yoga and breath work. Reserve your spot now and discover the benefits of integrating yoga into your freediving practice.