Surf Apnea Course

Surf Apnea Course

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Pure Apnea Surf is an internationally recognised freedive course. It is held
over one full day period or two evenings, consisting of classroom theory and a
pool session. This course is specifically designed for surfers and water users
who encounter big surf conditions where you are forced to hold your breath.
This course focuses on breathing and breath-hold techniques, physiology and

Course Outline

Theory (4hrs)

  • - Introduction to freediving and surf apnea
  • - Apnea physiology
  • - Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • - Dry breath-hold training
  • - Safety and rescues
  • - Pressure and equalization
  • - Anaerobic training
  • - General guidelines

Pool Session (4hrs)

  • - Breath-holds (statics)
  • - Breath-holds (FRC and RV)
  • - Recovery breathing
  • - Water rescues
  • - Equalisation


  • 18 years of age or 16+ years of age with signed parental consent, a physician’s signature maybe required. 12+ may undertake the Adventure Freediver I and Surf Apnea courses.
  • Comfortable swimming and surfing in open water
  • In good health
  • Sign a Course Register, Indemnity Form and Medical Questionnaire

    Students must have the following equipment:
  • - Mask
  • - Wetsuit or exposure protection

Gear is available for hire and purchase. (There may be an additional charge)

There will be an additional $6.50 Cost for Pool entry on the day.

We will be using Spear West for our theory session. Any gear needed can be purchased on the night. 

Our terms and conditions can be found on our website.